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SOICARE cool mist and warm mist aromatherapy top fill air humidifier

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Warm and cool Humidifier, Aromatherapy, Disinfection

Akoko Isẹ:

Cool Mist:18H, Warm Mist:10H

O wu iṣelọpọ:

Warm Mist:550ml/H, Cool Mist:300ml / H

Kere Bere fun opoiye:

1000 Pieces

Iwon Unit:

25 * 20 * 33 cm

Ipese Agbara:

Awọn ege 100000 fun osu kan

iwe eri:

ISO9001-2015, CE, RoHS

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SOICARE cool mist and warm mist aromatherapy top fill air humidifier

This humidifier with two types of mist, cool mist and warm mist.

1. Function and Features:

1). High-class LED display

2). Three levels of the cool mist and warm mist is available

3). Timer function from 1h to 12h

4). Humidity Setting from30%~90%

5). The humidity is set by every 5%. When the humidity reached the setting value, the machine will stop working. And when the room humidity is below the setting value of 5%, the machine will restart working

6). With aroma function

7). Two level, 360 rotatable mist nozzles

8). Water shortage protection

9). Automatically stop working when lifting the water tank

10). With sleep mode

11). The LED display can be turned off to reduce light’s disturbance to sleep. Under sleep mode, the machine will stand by without any sound when waterless, the LED will show the waterless button.

12). Remote control is optional

13). Top filling patent with detachable water tank

14). Large humidifying capacity, increase the humidity of whole room evenly

15). Internal high temperature sterilization makes healthy moisture.

2. Sterilization function achieved by Atomization & Vaporization Combination Technology

1). Use the PTC heating technology, the water temperature can be heated to 100 to kill the bacteria and be evaporated as hot mist.

2). Use the ultrasonic Transducer to produce the cool mist

3). In the flue, the 100 hot mist combines with and also transfer heat to the cool mist to killed the bacterial. The sterilization rate can reach 99.53%. The produced warm mist temperature is around 60 and blown out by a fan to the indoor air.

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Adaṣe folti



280W (Cool mist at 25W)



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Omi ojò

5.5 L


50 / 60Hz


Auto power-off when no water

Agbegbe iṣẹ:

relative humidity ≤95%RH, temperature: 5~45

Iwọn Ọga giga

550mL / h

Iwọn Didun Ọlẹ kekere

300mL / h

Iwon Unit:



1.55 kg


2.10 kg

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