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घरासाठी SOICARE लैव्हेंडर आणि गुलाब सुगंधित सोया अरोमाथेरपी मेणबत्त्या

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ISO9001-2015, CE, RoHS, FCS, FCC, SGS

किमान ऑर्डर प्रमाण:

500 तुकडे

पॅकेजिंग तपशील:

12 Pieces / Carton

वितरण वेळ:

30 तुकड्यांसाठी 500 दिवस

उत्पादन वर्णन

·       100% NATURAL ORGANIC SOY WAX: Pure plant soy wax candle burns fully and evenly,no black smoke and no residue,non-toxic.2 Pack jar candles scented contain 10.6 oz soy wax,burn 30-35 hours each, deliver a consistent fragrance experience from beginning to end,The aroma lingers even after the candles blown out,You can enjoy a home brimming with fragrance and warmth.

·       UP TO 8% PLANT ESSENTIAL OIL FORMULA: Essential oils that Infused with the lavender or rose plant gives you the best smelling candles.Lavender candles can improve sleep, reduces anxiety.Rose candles have calming effects,soothe mood, relief stress, clean air in the room. The scented candles clearance enhances the everyday living and joyful experience.

·       SCENTED CANDLES GIFT SET FOR WOMEN: Comes with 2 lovely small candles carefully packaged in a gift box,Candle size Diameter 2.35 x Height 3.35 inches, 151g(5.3oz), lead-free cotton wick.The frosted small jar is made of food-grade glass, log lid and high quality rubber ring.They are the best candles gifts for women on festivals,such as Christmas,Birthday,Mother's Day,and more.

·       OUTDOOR & INDOOR USE: The candle is low heat and very safe,you can place the scented candle outdoor in your backyard,patio dining,garden,picnics,campsite,family reunions or Indoor when you take a bath,yoga,massage,spa,meditation,sleep,it prevents noise and negative energy,you can enjoy a peaceful environment.



बीसवॅक्स, सोया मेण, पॅराफिन मेण, पाम मेण, नारळ मेण, विनंतीनुसार कोणतेही मिश्रण मेण


फळ, प्राणी, काठी, फ्लॉवर, स्तंभ, तारा, हृदय, बॉल, इतर, पिरॅमिड प्रकार, कोणताही आकार सानुकूलित केला जाऊ शकतो


वाढदिवस, लग्न, धार्मिक उपक्रम, पार्ट्या, व्होटिव्ह मेणबत्ती, होम डेकोरेशन, हॉलिडे, बार, योग आणि ध्यान, भेटवस्तू


ख्रिसमस, शाळेत परत, फादर्स डे, इस्टर, थँक्सगिव्हिंग, चीनी नवीन वर्ष, लग्न, नवीन वर्ष, व्हॅलेंटाईन डे, पदवी, हॅलोविन, मदर्स डे

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