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SP-USB29 SOICARE 2 इन 1 आवश्यक तेल डिफ्यूझर

जलद तपशील
मूळ ठिकाण:चीन
ब्रँड नाव:सोयकरे
नमूना क्रमांक:SP-USB019
किमान मागणी प्रमाण:1000 तुकडे
पॅकेजिंग तपशील:457*300*195mm /4pcs
पुरवठा क्षमता:10000 तुकड्या दरमहा

उत्पादन वर्णन

Soicare 2 in 1 essential oil diffuser

मुख्य कार्ये आणि वैशिष्ट्ये:

1. Unique handmade ceramic aroma diffuser's cover make it a decorative artware for home, office,yoga,gym,hotel and anywhere.

2. Special point: Can be a wireless charger of the mobile phone, which is convenient for people's daily life.

3. Fitted with a warm light which is great for creating atmosphere or using as a night light.

4. Portable ultrasonic diffuser with USB plug.

5. 3 Timer Setting Mode: 2H 4H 6H. You can set the time according to your different needs. 

6. Waterless Auto-off: You can enjoy a restful sleep and keep this diffuser on at night without worries.

7. Ideal for health care,such as allergy, asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, coughs, sore throats,etc.

इनपुट शक्ती5W
आवाज<35 डीबी (ए)
इनपुटAC100-240V 50 / 60HZ
उत्पादनडीसी 5 व्ही / 2 ए
साहित्यसिरेमिक + पीपी
प्रकाश7 रंगीत एलईडी लाईट
सुरक्षितताऑटो उर्जा बंद
युनिट आकार115X200X160mm
युनिट वजन640g
रंग बॉक्स आकार221 * 145 * 169mm
पॅकेज4pcs / ctn
पुठ्ठा आकार457 * 300 * 195mm
NW / पुठ्ठा2.5 किलो
GW / पुठ्ठा3.6 किलो

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