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SP-G63 SOICARE 120ml पोकळ-कोरीव शिल्प अरोमाथेरपी डिफ्यूझर

जलद तपशील
मूळ ठिकाण:शेंझेन
ब्रँड नाव:सोयकरे
नमूना क्रमांक:SP-G63
प्रमाणपत्र:ISO9001-2015, CE, RoHS, UL, FCC, SGS
किमान मागणी प्रमाण:500 तुकडे
पॅकेजिंग तपशील:24 तुकडे/कार्टून
वितरण वेळ:25-45 दिवस प्रमाणावर अवलंबून असतात
देयक अटी:50% ठेव, वितरणापूर्वी शिल्लक
पुरवठा क्षमता:100000 तुकड्या दरमहा

उत्पादन वर्णन

120ml Hollow-Carved Craft Aromatherapy Diffuser 

मुख्य कार्ये आणि वैशिष्ट्ये:

1.SMALL DEFUSERS WITH STUNNING BEAUTY: New Eco technology diffusser provides quiet and energy saving with Auto shut off. 7 beautiful LED colors in changing light or one fixed color. Enjoy the stunning beauty, fill your room with stimulating scents mini humidifiers &  difusser and create a peaceful, elegant and inviting atmosphere.

2.AROMA HUMIDIFIERS: 120mL water capacity. Lasts 4-8 hours. Use it as an oil diffuser, mist machine, ionizer, atomizer, purifier, humidifier, air refresher. Through this process, the aromatherapy as an energizing and relaxing treatment is greatly deemed as a powerful health option.

3.Super Quiet: Adopts ultrasonic technology, no disturbing noise while misting. It won't disturb you sleep or work, Add the essential oil you like, release enjoyable fragrance and improves air quality, so that you may live more joyous.

4.Exclusive Hollow-Carved Craft: This aromatherapy diffusers comes with a white Hollow-Carved out cover and a wood grain base. Classic and elegant design. Decorate your bedroom, living room office, study, salon, SPA, Yoga, etc and boost the atmosphere. It also can be a great gift for your families and friends.

आवाज<35 डीबी (ए)
इनपुटAC100-240V 50 / 60HZ
उत्पादनडीसी 12 व्ही, 1 मीए
साहित्यएबीएस + पीपी
प्रकाशरंगीबेरंगी एलईडी लाइट
मिस्ट व्हॉल्यूम20-25 मिली / ता
वेळ शेवटची4-6hours
सुरक्षिततापाणी नसताना ऑटो पॉवर बंद
युनिट आकारΦ95x173 मिमी
युनिट वजन480g
रंग बॉक्स आकार100 * 100 * 245mm
पॅकेज24 तुकडे / पुठ्ठा
पुठ्ठा आकार46*44×33.5cm
NW / पुठ्ठा11.5 किलो
GW / पुठ्ठा12.5 किलो

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