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E001 nebulizer sine aqua, SP-30ml tellus lignum olei essentialis diffundens

Details Velox
Locus Origin: Sinis
Notam nomen: Soicare
Model Number: SP-E001
Certification: ISO9001-2015,CE,RoHS,UL,FCC,SGS 
Minimum Ordinis Quantity: 1Motet
Packaging Details: XLIX * * XXXIII 33cm / 49pcs
Facultates copiam: frustra 50000 per mensis

depictio producti

30ml wood ceramic nebulizer waterless essential oil diffuser

Et munera pelagus features:

●Made of natural material in simple shape 

● Compact and stylish design with knoble control

● Mist mode:2hours-1min<on>/2min<off>

● Nebulizer for emotion release or for special health care like asthma with some related essential oil

● With LED warm night light for emotion release or baby care

● Light mode:brighter/dimmed/breathing mode/off

● Auto-off when water run out

● Can be used at home ,bedtime, spa , gym.hotel etc.

captum 30ml ESSENTIAL OIL
input imperium 12W
sonitus <35dB (A)
initus AC100240V 50 / 60HZ
Output DC24V / 0.5A 
lux Warm night LED light
Vicis 2hours-1min/2min
salutem Auto virtutis quum aqua
unitatis magnitudine * * 109 103 163mm
unitas pondus 750g
Color buxum magnitudine * * 210 205 170mm
sarcina XII PCs / CTN
currus magnitudine * * 64 43 37cm
Magis Zephyrus quam Aquilo / currus 9.8  kgs
VULA / currus 11.1 Reg

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