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SP-L12M 700ml summus terminus luxus

Details Velox
Locus Origin: Sinis
Notam nomen: Soicare
Model Number: SP-L12M
Certification: ISO9001-2015,CE,RoHS, UL,FCC,SGS 
Minimum Ordinis Quantity: 1Motet
Packaging Details: * * 565 565 287mm / 4pcs
Facultates copiam: 1frustra 00000 per mensis

depictio producti

700ml high-end luxury bluetooth speaker diffuser ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Et munera pelagus features:

●High-end multifunctional ultrasonic aroma humidifier available for any 100% pure essential oil.

●RGB color changing LED light and light color settable


●Timer setting, the order is On/30/60/120/180min/Off.

●Large mist capacity to supply extra moisture with two level mist (L/H)

●Build in bluetooth speaker for you to play music on your phone.

●High mist volume: 90-120ml/h   

●Low mist volume:50-70ml/h                       

●Continuous working time:6-14h 

●Automatically turn off when water runS out.

● This high-end, classic, modern ultrasonic aroma diffuser will match and decorate high-grade modern decorated home and office, even luxury hotel. 

captum 700ml
input imperium 12W
sonitus <35dB (A)
initus AC100240V 50 / 60HZ
Output DC24V / 0.5A 
Material P + ABS
lux color RGB
Vicis On/30/60/120/180min/Off.
salutem Auto virtutis quum aqua
unitatis magnitudine Φ260*Φ601mm
unitas pondus 2KG
Color buxum magnitudine * * 275 275 271mm
sarcina XII PCs / CTN
currus magnitudine * * 565 565 287mm
Magis Zephyrus quam Aquilo / currus 6.4 Reg
VULA / currus 7.5 Reg

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