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SP-L07 350ml Bluetooth Speaker App Control Smart WIFI Aroma Difusores

Details Velox
Locus Origin: Shenzhen
Notam nomen: Soicare
Model Number: SP-l07
Certification: ISO9001-2015, CE, ROHS, ul, FCC, is an
Minimum Ordinis Quantity: Pieces 100
Packaging Details: 18Pieces/Carton
Tempus adferendi: 20-45 dies quantitas pendent
Pensio conditio: 50% deposit, 50% balance before delivery
Facultates copiam: 100000 per mensem pieces

depictio producti

350ml Bluetooth Speaker App Control Smart WIFI Aroma Diffuser

Facit comfortable et olentia lifestyle

Et munera pelagus features:

1.App Control: control all the function of the diffuser by small phone APP “Hydrone”. After command successfully sent, the diffuser will run without phone APP on. No need to walk to the device to adjust the function but you may now control this diffuser with an app on your phone!

2.Bluetooth Speaker Music Player: It can connect to Bluetooth device such as smartphones, tablets and computers to enjoin comfortable music. What's more than an oil diffuser and a humidifier, with this device, it also features music player/speaker that you may enjoy the aroma output from it but also plays you favorite music from the device.

3.Aromatherapy & Humification detection: An essential oil diffuser which contains the mist output of 0.035 gallons per day. Creates a scented environment with it while you're at work or in your leisure time to help you relax.

4.Safety: cum auto-off Lorem munus, in quo aqua decurrit diffuser et prohibere automatically opus sicco aut tempus expletum est. 

5.Colorful Night Light: It has colorful LED lights. The light can cycle with 7 colors. Or, it can set to one fixed color.

6.Timer: With “MIST” button, you can set 5 model timer 30 min, 60 min, 120 min, 180min and continuous. During time 7-15 hours.

captum 350ml
initus AC100V L-240v / 50Hz
Output DC24V / 0.65A
sonitus <35dB (A)
Material P PC + + ABS
lux VII supellex varia ad lucem, DUXERIT
Vicis 30/ 60/ 120/ 180min /ON
salutem Auto virtutis quum aqua
unitatis magnitudine Φ14.3*17cm
unitas pondus 660g
Color buxum magnitudine * * 15 15 17.9cm
sarcina XII pieces / currus
currus magnitudine * * 47 47 38cm
Magis Zephyrus quam Aquilo / currus 12 Reg
VULA / currus 13 Reg

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