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SOICARE 4.3L Njikwa Ime Oku Agbara Mpempe Mmanụ Ultrasonic ikuku Humidifier

Ndenye Details
Ebe nke Si Malite:Guangdong
Ika aha:Soicare
Model Number:SP-TH31
asambodo:ISO9001-2015, O.A., RoHS
Kacha nta Order ibu:2000 A tụkwasịrị
Packaging Details:12 Ibe / katoonu
Oge Mbuga ozi:25-45 ụbọchị dabere na oke
Ịkwụ Ụgwọ Okwu:50% nkwụnye, nguzozi tupu nnyefe
Tụkwasịnụ Ikike:Nri 100000 kwa ọnwa

Product Description

4.3L Remote Control Big Capacity Ultrasonic Air Humidifier with hypochlorous acid water using

Isi ọrụ na atụmatụ:

1.Remote Control and Timer Setting: Easy to use, you can operate all the functions with remote control or just one touch of a button, you can optimize your environment for work or sleep! 3 timer 120/ 240/ 480 continuous modes on a schedule, the power will cut off when setting time is reached that you don’t need to worry about the excess humidification.

2.TOP-FILL DESIGN : Remove the lid to add cool water into the water tank, no more having to disassemble your humidifier to get every spot cleaned, easier to refill and clean than traditional humidifiers. NOTE: Hard or filtered water is fine, daily or weekly cleaning is suggested for your health 

3.HUMIDIFIER: 360° degrees rotating nozzle ensures an even level of humidity distributed in home. Humidify the bedroom more evenly.

4.AUTO SHUT-OFF, SAFE TO USE: To avoid excessive humidification and ensure safety, the humidifier will auto shut down when water runs low or when the water rank has been removed.

Noise<35dB (A)
gosiri Power27W
ihe onwunweABS
LIght7 COlor Ọkụ ọkụ
ngwa25 to 35 square meters
Oge Ikpeazụ15hours
Sebe aGbanyụọ onwe gị mgbe mmiri adịghị
Unit size18.5X18.5x32CM
Ogo igbe agba19X19x34CM
Pna-arụ ọrụ12 iberibe / katoonu
Carton size58.5X39.5x69.5CM
N.W / carton 11kgs
G.W / carton 13kgs

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