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SOICARE kpo oku na mmiri na-ekpo ọkụ alụlụ n'elu ndochi ultrasonic humidifier

Ndenye Details

Ebe nke Si Malite:


Ika aha:


Model Number:



Ọ na-ekpo ọkụ ma dị jụụ Humidifier, Aromatherapy, Disinfection

Oge ọrụ:

Alụlụ Cool: 20H, Igwe ọkụ: 11H

Alụpụta mmepụta:

Alụlụlụ Ọkụ: 550ml / H, Igwe dị jụụ:300ml / H



Kacha nta Order ibu:

1000 A tụkwasịrị

Ngwongwo Unit:

30 * 20 * 28 cm 

Tụkwasịnụ Ikike:

Nri 100000 kwa ọnwa


ISO9001-2015, O.A., RoHS

ugwo usoro


Product Description

SOICARE kpo oku na mmiri na-ekpo ọkụ alụlụ n'elu ndochi ultrasonic humidifier

Function Introduction

I. Hybrid cool & warm mist (PTC + Ultrasonic)

Use the PTC heating part to evaporate the water to the warm mist.

Use the Ultrasonic Transducer to produce the cool mist.

II. Ceramic glass glaze transducer, can resist water scale effectively to prolong useful life.

III. Sterilization function with 100 nke mmiri

Using the PTC heating technology, the temperature of the water can reach almost 100. It can kill the bacteria. The Sterilization rate can reach 99.53%.

The temperature around the nozzle can reach 60 under the warm mist function. It can speed up the moisture diffusing into the air.  

IV. Patent technology of atomization & vaporization combination humidification.

V. With aroma

With aroma function, it can make the air fragrant and relieve the fatigue.

VI. Super big mist output, humidifying efficiently

The mist output can reach 550ML/H and it can change the humidity of a 40m ² room to the comfortable humidity rate in 15minutes.

VII. Automatic shut-off protection with warning when waterless

Use the float and Water Level Senor to control the protection under waterless.

Nke Asatọ. 360 degree rotatable mist nozzle with anti-shedding design

The rotatable mist nozzle can make the all-around humidifying come true.

IX. Optional demineralization cartridge to prolong useful life.

Descaling pad:  this part can be used to descale, it’s very useful to help decrease the precipitate pasted on the PTC part. It’s washable with salt water, we suggest to clear it frequently according to the local water quality.

X. Large water tank with big water inlet

With 6L water tank capacity, the machine can work at least 10 hours. And the big water inlet can make it easier to clean the inside of the water tank.

XI. The Hidden Handle

The hidden handle make it easier to refill. It is convenient and will not affect the appearance.

XII. “AUTO” Function

Under the AUTO function, the machine can adjust the mist output according to the environmental humidity to reach the comfortable humidity rate



• Adjustable humidistat from 40% to 80%

• Ambient humidity monitoring and display function

• 1~12hours time setting

• Double overheating protection of overheat sensor and fuse.

• Integrated body design for noise suppression, super quiet when operating

• With Sleeping Mode


Voltaji nkwụnye



280W (Mmiri dị jụụ na 30W)



ihe onwunwe


Mmiri Tank

6 L


50 / 60Hz


Auto ike-apụ mgbe enweghị mmiri

Ebe ọrụ:

iru mmiri iru mmiri ≤95% RH, okpomọkụ: 5~45

High alụlụ Volume

550mL / awa

Low alụlụ Volume

300mL / awa

Ngwongwo Unit:


Nsụgharị Ụwa Ọhụrụ

1.95 kg


3.10 kg




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