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SP-L29 Soicare रिमोट कंट्रोल 300ml स्मार्ट होम एसेंशियल ऑयल ब्लूटूथ म्यूजिक स्पीकर अरोमाथेरेपी डिफ्यूज़र

त्वरित विवरण

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ब्रांड नाम:


मॉडल संख्या:

एसपी-एल 29


Soicare remote control 300ml smart home essential oil   bluetooth music speaker aromatherapy diffuser



मैनुअल, एडाप्टर

न्यूनतम आदेश मात्रा:

500 मोहरे

इकाई का आकार:

16X16X21 सेमी

क्षमता की आपूर्ति:

प्रति माह 10000 टुकड़े


ISO9001-2015, सीई, RoHS

भुगतान की शर्तें

टी / टी, नियंत्रण रेखा, पेपैल, ALIBABA बीमा, भुगतान

उत्पाद वर्णन

·        ब्लूटूथ संगीत प्लेयरOne of the must-haves for family parties. The Music diffuser built-in Independent Bluetooth Speaker. The amount of the spray mist will follow the rhythm of the music. The faster the rhythm of the music, the faster the amount of fog will change. You can dance accompanying music and dynamic changing lights, creating a relaxed, romantic, colorful space atmosphere.

·        Remote Control & TimerThe 300ML diffuser has 4 spray mist timer modes: 60Min/120Min/Intermittent/Continuous mist mode. You can adjust to a suit for mist mode before falling asleep using the buttons of the diffuser or remote control. And as a sleep light, you can use the remote control to turn on/off the night light when you wake up at midnight, which makes your life easier and comfortable.

·        8 रंग बदलते प्रकाशThe essential oil diffuser equipped with soothing 8 color-changing LED lights encourages you to feel calm and relaxed at night. Soft colorful light & mist's romance and splendor blend together create a warm and romantic time for a date or party. And the night light diffuser can also be used as a bedside lamp and table lamp for the bedroom, study, or workplace.

·        अल्ट्रासोनिक एयर ह्यूमिडिफायरThe air humidifier adopts ultrasonic mist technology, retaining the effective ingredients of essential oils, allowing the essential oils and water molecules dissolved in water to be completely released into the air and more easily absorbed by the body, nourishing skin and increasing the humidity of the air. And the humidifier is ultra-quiet, you can enjoy noiseless sleep.

·        Healthy & Safety LifeAfter adding essential oils, the aroma diffuser creates a soothing pleasant background fragrance to a room, which covers the smell of pets or smoking or other foul, relieves fatigue, and mental stress. The diffuser built-in waterless auto shut-off, and use corrosion-resistant PP material, non-toxic, and good electrical insulation, which assures the safety of you and your family.

विशेष विवरण

एडेप्टर वोल्टेज






पीपी + एबीएस

पानी की टंकी


Diffuser   output:

DC24V / 0.65A


पानी नहीं होने पर ऑटो पावर-ऑफ


ब्लूटूथ स्पीकर, ह्यूमिडिफायर, अरोमाथेरेपी

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