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SP-L08 SOICARE 300ml cabeza de cebolla difusor ultrasónico de aceite de aromaterapia de grano de madera oscura

Detalles rápidos
Número de modelo: SP-L08
UPC: 744306468255
Certificaciones: ISO9001-2015, CE, RoHS, UL, FCC, SGS
Cantidad mínima de pedido: 100 piezas
Detalles del empaque: 53.3x36x35cm / 12 Piezas
Capacidad de la fuente: 100000 pieces one month
Descripción del producto
  • Niebla: aromatherapy with cool mist, it working quietly, very suitable for use in life and work. With capacity of 300ml, the mist can last more than 10 hours. The mist output of this diffuser is about 60-70ml/h, it suit space 20-30㎡.
  • Seguridad: Designed with auto-off function, the diffuser will stop working automatically when water runs out, or time is up.
  • Luz: This aroma diffuser has 7 colorful LED lights. Also, each color has dim and bright options, that means the light can cycle with 14 colors. Or, you can set it to one fixed color.
  • Minutero: With “MIST” button, you can setting standard mist and strong mist, also, you can setting 4 model timer: 1H, 3H, 6H and continuous. This function helps you to make a calming and relaxing environment.
Enorme 300ml
Potencia de entrada 12W
ruido <35 dB (A)
Entrada AC100240V 50 / 60HZ
Salida DC24V,14W,600mA
Material ABS + PC + PP
Ligero 7 luces LED de colores
Minutero 1H / 3H / 6H / ENCENDIDO
Seguridad Apagado automático cuando no hay agua
Tamaño de la unidad Φ16.8 * 14.8cm
Unidad de peso 625g
Tamaño de la caja de color * 17 17 * 16.5cm
Contenido del Paquete 12 piezas / cartón
Tamaño del cartón * 53.3 36 * 35cm
NW / cartón kgs 7.50
GW / cartón kgs 8.50