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SP-L08 SOICARE 300ml глава лук дървесни зърна ароматерапия ултразвуков дървен арома дифузьор

Кратки данни
Номер на модела:SP-L08
Сертификация:ISO9001-2015, CE, RoHS, UL, FCC, SGS
Минимално количество за поръчка:100 Парчета
Опаковки Детайли:53.3x36x35см / 12 бр
Доставка умение:100000 pieces one month
Описание на продукта
  • Mist: aromatherapy with cool mist, it working quietly, very suitable for use in life and work. With capacity of 300ml, the mist can last more than 10 hours. The mist output of this diffuser is about 60-70ml/h, it suit space 20-30㎡.
  • Безопасност: Designed with auto-off function, the diffuser will stop working automatically when water runs out, or time is up.
  • светлина: This aroma diffuser has 7 colorful LED lights. Also, each color has dim and bright options, that means the light can cycle with 14 colors. Or, you can set it to one fixed color.
  • Таймер: With “MIST” button, you can setting standard mist and strong mist, also, you can setting 4 model timer: 1H, 3H, 6H and continuous. This function helps you to make a calming and relaxing environment.
Входна мощност12W
Шум<35 dB (A)
ВходAC100240V 50 / 60HZ
Светло7 цветни LED светлини
БезопасностАвтоматично изключване при липса на вода
Размер на единицаΦ16.8 * 14.8см
Цвят на кутията* 17 17 * 16.5cm
Пакет12 броя / кашон
размер кашон* 53.3 36 * 35cm
NW / кашон7.50 кг
GW / кашон8.50 кг
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